Giancarlo "Lo" Falcioni / Tyrone "T-rexxx" Edwards / Bryan Brock (In order, left to right)



Looking back at how far our city has come in the last 10 years is simply remarkable. Prior to 2007, when the idea of 1 LOVE T.O. was introduced, the City of Toronto had always struggled with creating its own identity. We were and still are a very young city in comparison to other world-class cities who have already made their mark.

Toronto's official slogan - Diversity: Our Strength is based on the fact that we are one of the most multi-cultural places to live in the world. Recognizing and celebrating our differences became the backbone of our brand and allowed us to become truly inclusive through our message of 'one love'.

They say love is stronger than hate, and it proved itself true as 1 LOVE T.O. became the unifying voice of our city, bridging the gaps between neighbourhoods, cultures, and interests. Together, we created a movement that empowered generations of both young and old to share the same sense of pride for a place they called home - Toronto.

The legacy of 1 LOVE T.O. lives on through each and every one of us. The message of 'one love' is just as important in today's society as it was 10 years ago. You have become the official ambassadors to our brand, our city, and our message and we thank you for your support, dedication and incredible passion for making this city a better place to live for generations to come.

One Love Toronto