Tourism Toronto Launches New Ad Campaign "The Views Are Different Here"

Tourism Toronto launches a new ad campaign entitled "The Views Are Different Here". This might be the first ad of it's kind, embracing the diversity and culture of our city, while celebrating it's 'cool' factor. 

Andrew Weir, executive vice president and chief marketing officer for Tourism Toronto, said "I think we've seen a change in our civic psyche over the last three to four years, with the 'We The North' campaign, how Drake has built Toronto into his DNA, even the Toronto sign... we've given ourselves collective permission to be more proud."

The sentiments from Andrew Weir are bang on! Over the last 10 years, 1LOVETO has been one of the many voices that have championed the idea of civic pride. Back in the day it wasn't 'cool' to be from Toronto, and now look... 

This ad couldn't have come at a better time. Toronto turns 183 years old as of today, 1LOVETO is celebrating 10 years as Toronto's brand, plus we're approaching the Canada150!